Our unique coaching programme designed to accelerate and train your internal team to plan, create, execute and monitor your own content creation with the right systems.

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Transition your team into content creators.

Get the systems you need to supercharge your team into quality content producers.

We are here to train and mentor your team to empower them to be able to understand how to create content for your experience. Learn visual storytelling, technical skills, workflows and equipment selection. Together let's give your team the tools to take your brand's visual imagery to the next level.

Learn. Conceptualise. Create & Rollout.

Our Studio-up programme runs over the course of 21 Days. During this time, your team will learn about the fundamentals of digital storytelling, content formats, conceptualisation, production, how to record effectively, equipment in's and out's, planning a shoot, editing processes, sound, music, visual effects and exporting formats.

Each week, you will create your own pieces of content that will be watched and given feedback on, we will help guide you through any difficulties or mistakes you may have.

Our goal is to weaponise your team to be able to strategise, create and execute content that is engaging and speaks directly to your audiences. This team training programme is built from the ground up with over 7 years of our insights and learnings from creating consistent high end content for some of the world's largest brands.

Give your team the systems they need to create effectively.

Learn and understand all the in's and out's of creating a content production studio within your team. Get insights and frameworks that are designed to make creating easy and most importantly effective for your brand:

Strategically understand what types of content will work for you.
How to create concepts that are aligned with your brand and business goals.
Understand the right workflows from planning all the way to uploading content correctly.
Start to create content consitently with high quality visuals and engaging stories.

Do it on your own terms.

Our training is designed to run over the course of 21 days, however it is your choice to go through the course over the 21 days or on your own time. From day 1, you have access to all the course resources and materials and can decide how much or how little you want to do each day based on your schedule.

Created to implement.

This programme is designed from the ground up from 7 years of robust insights to equip you and your team with the skills to succeed.

We have teams and students in all stages of visual content creation, from teams that have never had training before, individual photographers and videographers, all the way up to large companies with internal studios. No matter your stage, we are here to help. Get the right solution created for you:

Entrepreneurs + Business Owners
Marketing Teams + Professionals
Photographers & Videographers

What's Inside?

What should you expect to find through the training program?

21 Day Program

21 Days of Action.

This training can be done at your own pace, no matter what your schedule looks like. Whether you want to finish it in 1 week or in 1 month, we understand that life gets busy.

The training is also designed to balance learnings, skills and executions. Besides learning about production, you will be actively involved in creating pieces of content right from day 1.

In-depth Lessons

Lessons designed to give not only knowledge but skills too.

You’ll also get access to a curated course that has of over 9 hours of recorded video content. These lessons deal with practical skills and ways to implement them from the get go.

Each week, you will create your own pieces of content that will be watched and given feedback on, we will help guide you through any difficulties or mistakes you may have.

Actionable Frameworks

Learn to create within your environment.

Our goal is to give you not only the right knowledge, but also the right knowledge that can be actively practiced and implemented.

After the training, you will be equiped to create quality content in your own unique environment with the tools and resources you have at your disposal. We will also assist you with creating a next steps list of any upgrades you might want to give your team going forward in terms of equipment and other resources.

Weekly 1 on 1 Meetings

Get the guidance you need, when you need it.

No matter your location, from South Africa to the USA, India to the UK, we are here to help. It's as simple as picking a time and day that suits you and scheduling your call.

Each meeting will be a hands on experience where we will provide feedback to the content you have created and you can ask any of the tough questions you might be looking to get answered.

A group of peers

Be part of our Facebook Group audience.

We understand how important it is to feel connected to a community that understands the challenges of content creation. You'll get the chance to participate in a private Facebook Group, live YouTube streams and speak to other industry professionals.

Is this for you?

Studio-up is designed to upskill marketers, entrepreneurs, creative professionals, and internal marketing teams.

If you are an entrepreneur, business owner, or marketing professional who deals with your marketing team, you’ll fit right in. We have used the very same techniques to grow our own company into what it is today by creating internationally published content pieces and stories:

"Contentual has a visual appreciation and strong execution in providing attention grabbing content, making it a visual feast for the eyes. If you looking for content that has an edge and appeal, Contentual is definitely one to be considered. Tristan Schafer (Founder & CEO) is a young and dynamic South African entrepreneur that is inspired."

Shaun Mallana

Head of CSI

"Thanks so much to Tristan and the team at Contentual. They really worked to understand the type of videos we wanted, and they did! They managed to visually capture the emotion and feeling we wanted to show our customers, something no other film studio did in the past! Amazing."

Tyler Hollingsworth

Business Owner

"Creativemilk has worked with Contentual for over 3 years. They always show up with passion for each project and go the extra mile in making sure the best strategy and content are curated for our brands. If you are looking for thank you Tristan and team for the quality, professionalism and pure passion for the craft."

Vikesh Singh

Agency Owner

Frequently asked questions.

Upskill your team to be creators.

This training is designed to level up your team's content creation capabilities with tried and tested frameworks honed in over the past 7 years of being a high end content production agency. Weaponise your team with the right guidance and tools to start internally creating world class content for you brand.


Done with You.

Our complete training has all the bells and whistles with face to face guidance and accountability.

21 Day Program
30 Video lessons
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Actionable Exercises and Feedback sessions
Mentor Calls
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