February 16, 2021

Remote Production During A Pandemic

Creating an award winning piece of content is hard enough in normal circumstances. We pushed that to the limit with a remote based shoot in Utah, USA during the international 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

Adapting to the new normal during COVID-19.

When it comes to photographic and video production, it’s all about heading to set in your most comfortable “set clothes” and spending the day collaborating with crew, cast, and client in crafting a successful day of production! But, in 2020 many aspects of “set-life” changed with COVID-19 pandemic. We had to accept the changes involved, which challenged our perception and usual processes in executing a production as we once knew. With social distancing, travel restrictions as well as local and international laws in place, it was time to be innovative… it was time to be resilient.

Creating an award winning piece of content is challenging, even in normal circumstances.

Thinking about remote production and creative direction was something very new to us and the entire industry as a whole, but it presented a new way of thinking, troubleshooting and understanding.

We were presented with an opportunity to create a content piece for our client Luxury Frontiers in collaboration with Wanderlust Productions & Creative West. Our role was to mange the creative direction of an award-winning piece of content for their new Camp Sarika development for submission to the Radical Innovation Awards.

Our challenge was to remotely film and piece together a piece of content that would show the African inspired Camp Sarika with it's truly breathtaking design and engineering as one of the Top 3 finalists.

The awards submission video that was created truly embraced remote working with the footage being remotely filmed in breath-taking Utah, USA; while being guided and pieced together in South Africa. If collaboration was a destination, we most definitely hit the ground running with this one. It came down to meticulous planning and of course understanding that in all productions, some things change and it’s about being present, focussed and adaptable with a key strategic vision in mind. The entire production was a fast turnaround with a 2 day shoot in Utah and a week of post production taking place at the OSF Studio in South Africa.

The right strategy and creative approach with vast attention to key details managed to create a winner for our client Luxury Frontiers

Our team and collaborators in South Africa, alongside the team in Utah practiced superb communication and understanding of the project scope, which showed in the final output. It is always a great feeling to create award winning work even during a global pandemic.

Congratulations to our client on a truly remarkable win! Watch the video here:

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