3 Tips to Adapt to the Rise of Digital Content During COVID-19

The more time we spend online the more we subliminally seek solutions from a digital source. This pivot point is what we must ultimately consider in terms of how we deliver the essence of brand communication the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

February 16, 2021

The Rise of Digital Content During COVID-19.

If there ever were doubts regarding the need for digital content, COVID-19 has certainly laid them to rest. Through this global pandemic we have all had to quickly adapt our approach, daily routines, consumption patterns and most of all, challenge our mindset in order to keep our brands and businesses relevant. The rise of digital content is prevalent in all aspects of content consumption, be it from a personal or business perspective. Think about it, meetings are being held predominantly via video call, educational institutions are migrating to virtual/ pre-recorded lessons and most of us are making our daily purchases online as opposed to visiting our favourite stores in person.

So how does this impact digital content?

As our time online increases, so does our content consumption. The more time we spend online the more we subliminally seek solutions from a digital source. This pivot point is what we must ultimately consider in terms of how we deliver the essence of our services/products but with the COVID-19 approach… the digital approach!

Here are some important aspects to consider when deciding to pepper your marketing and advertising approach with a more digitised strategy:

1. Your content persona must speak to your audience, not to you.

• When strategising, remember that you need to understand your target audience and craft your content to speak to them. Do your research, ask your audience questions and identify their pain points, needs and boundaries. Take the time to understand not only what they need but where and how they are now seeking these answers. Through this exercise you may better be able to refine your content strategy that addresses relevant elements within your audience’s eco-system.

2. Don’t make content for the sake of making content.

• Create content with purpose that is designed to add value and genuinely help and assist your audience. Every piece of content must have a purpose, even if it is “easy -to –consume” content. Purpose is prize! In order to create meaning you need to be creating a feeling. This is done by either educating, entertaining or engaging in conversation.

3. Have a balance between ”THE PLAN” and “STAYING RELEVANT”

• Planning your content strategy and roll out will give you a well-structured foundation in understanding your content’s purpose. However, as we live in a digitised world, we need to always stay relevant. Listen to your audience and always ensure your content persona is keeping up with the times. Research online groups such as Facebook community groups, Reddit and Instagram comment conversations to truly understand and see what your audience is discussing amongst each other. These platforms are a treasure trove of key insights into relevant interests and conversations that your audience is interested in.

Remember, stay true to your brand's positioning but always add value that is relevant and helpful to your audience. Building a strong relationship as a value provider is key during the push into digital content.

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